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July 21:
CD Release Concert & Farewell Party

It’s been a long time since the last time I saw your face…

… and it’ll be even longer if you don’t come out for Thornfield’s CD Release Concert and Farewell Party!

After months of being holed up in a studio with nothing but Fig Newtons and Werther’s Originals to give us the illusion of ease, we’re finally nearing the completion of – not one – but TWO brand new Thornfield albums! Assuming all goes well in the final weeks of album prep (::fingers crossed::), both our full-length album, Bright Northern Skies, and our EP, one for a lover, will be at your disposal to do with what you like (besides unauthorized reproduction, ye pirates!), whether you need music for your private prog-indie-rock dance parties or shiny new coasters.

Due to some exciting developments (involving grad school for one and a baby for the other), this will be Thornfield’s final gig for a long while here in Chicago. And with some awesome surprise guests, you won’t want to miss it! Included in the evening’s showcase will be Lakeview’s own naysaying blues brother, Petras, yet another reason to come out.

There is NO DOOR CHARGE, appetizers will be provided, and all (over 21) will be welcome to BYOB if so desired. (What more need we say?) However, please remember to bring cash if you would like to purchase one or both of Thornfield’s new albums, as the Tip Top has not yet been upgraded to accommodate credit cards ($15 for Bright Northern Skies; $5 for one for a lover — or both for only $20!).

The concert will be hosted by Autumn Space, a fantastic art gallery on the north side of Chicago — 1700 W. Irving Park Rd. (a block from the brown line), #207.

Hope to see you there! In the meantime, please support us by officially “liking” us on Facebook.  To whet your appetite for the evening and for our album, here’s an itsy bitsy sample of one of our favorite songs, “The Watchman’s Back.”  Enjoy!

Thornfield Recording: Behind the Scenes

So, big news! In case you haven’t heard, Thornfield is in the process of recording our very first studio album, with help from our friends at Handwritten Recording and a few special guest musicians. So far it’s looking like we’ll have a good number of tracks, including concert favorites like “Denali,” “Dinosaur,” and “Trust Me to Stay.”

Our first session was last Saturday, and the second is coming up this weekend.On her blog, Jenna has been doing some great write-ups, complete with behind-the-scenes photos, of our recording experience so far. Here’s a little taste:

We did all “basic tracks” for this first session. In other words: guitars, drums, piano. All the voice stuff and extras (cello, harmonica, bass, melodica, guitar riffs, egg shaker, tambourine, djembe, vocals, etc.) will come later. The reason: this is a one-room studio, and with everyone playing at once you’re bound to get “bleed” when you play multiple instruments simultaneously–sounds from the piano leaking into the guitar mic, the drum leaking into the piano mic, etc. So we wanted to save anything fiddly (like vocals, which we’re bound to be very picky about) or non-essential extras for an overdub track during the second recording session.

To keep us from cutting and pasting the whole things, you should go read them here and here (UPDATE: and now another one here). No, really, you should.

We can’t wait for you to hear the finished product as soon as it’s ready! Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to our email list with the handy widget on the right, for more regular updates. (There will be updates here, too, but those seem to be a bit more regular at the moment for some reason.) Or, if you want to help make our recording even better, why not drop a few dollars in the “Tip Top” in the sidebar?

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