Artist bios

Carrie Pazdziora – Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

Carrie’s life began in a small town in North Carolina where the fields run green but the blues are at your heels. Though the quaint town of Hertford might not be considered the hottest spot for an upcoming artist, there she learned to dream of something greater.

Carrie began writing songs and poems as a youngster, and at fifteen — after one lesson involving G, D, Em & C — taught herself the guitar, which opened new worlds for her as a songwriter.  She debuted her first few original songs in 2003, which were met with enthusiastic reception from the locals.

In 2004, Carrie began the study of songwriting in Nashville, TN.  She has since performed her original compositions in cafés from Nashville to Atlanta, as well as abroad, appearing in Ireland, Paris, and southern France.  She began her college studies in 2005 at Belmont University in Nashville, majoring in “Religion & the Arts” with an emphasis in Music.

Carrie moved to Chicago in 2006, a day after changing her last name to the somewhat confusing “Pazdziora” (pronounced “Paz-di-ora” in English, “Pazh-ju-rah” in Polish).  There she continues her studies in music and performs regularly by herself and with Thornfield in local venues.

Carrie’s first full-length CD, “a look inside,” was released in June 2008. You can hear more of her solo work at

Jenna Satterthwaite – Singer / Songwriter / Up-and-coming egg-shaker

Jenna is thrilled to be singing for Thornfield and has grand schemes of learning to play the bass and djembe in order to further contribute to the band. She learned to harmonize during her childhood by listening to her mother, who always sang the alto part. “How do you do that, Mom?” she asked one day. “Well,” her mother simplified, “you just sing a third above or a third below.” And via that stepping stone of knowledge, Jenna took off and has never been able to stick to the melody line since.

Music runs in her blood as a daughter of two musicians who toured the U.S. and the world for 11 years in various bands, toting her along in the back of a tour bus. She quickly learned to sleep on a blanket by the mixing board.  After childhood and teenage endeavors with the piano, guitar, church choir, and violin, Jenna started off her undergraduate career at Indiana University as a classical guitar major. However, after a year and a half, her love of languages won out and she switched to English and French. The guitar retreated to her closet and started collecting sad amounts of dust.  Music went into a semi-dormant state in Jenna’s life for a number of years, until she moved to Chicago and a singer/songwriter named Carrie reawoke and enlisted her rusty talents.  She is glad, grateful, and excited to have music back in her life, as she scrapes off the rust and follows her heart.

Eric M. Pazdziora – Pianist / Songwriter / Vocalist / Multi-Instrumentalist

Eric wears many hats for Thornfield, or at least he used to until they told him it looked silly. So now he mostly hangs around playing piano, or writing songs, or surprising people by pulling out various weird and amazing instruments. (That one that looks like half an accordion is called a Melodica. It’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a piano.)

A composer at heart, Eric graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music in Composition from Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL, and currently works as a freelance composer and pianist.  In 2004 he was a winner in the Dupage Symphony Orchestra Composition Contest, “Fanfare for our Fiftieth.” He has published two arrangements for choir and men’s voices, and released a CD, New Creation, featuring original settings of hymns. He’s also been known to work as a writer, a copyeditor, and a circus clown.

You can check out some more of Eric’s fine music at: