Welcome, 2012!

2012.  Hard to believe, ain’t it?  Aztec legend has it, this will be the world’s final year.  If that’s so, we have a lot of work to do.  If not, we have even more work to do.  Lots of people are making lists right now… Maybe you’re one of them.  Lists of things to accomplish this year, lists of things to avoid this year, lists of places to go, people to meet, pizzas to eat, etc.

Thornfield is making a list, too.  And we need your help to check off each item!

1. Find new venues.  We’ve been extremely honored to take the stage at CityGrounds coffee bar in Lincoln Park nearly every month in 2011.  Our residency there has expanded not only our love for performing and our steadily growing setlist… It has also expanded our wee little fan base and our love for each of you.  We still hope to make occasional visits to CityGrounds to perform, and lots and lots of visits to drink their incredible coffee.  But we also hope to broaden our experiences and exposure by exploring some new stages this year.

2. Record an actual album.  ha!  Oh yes, the wonders (and freeness) of Garage Band have kept us happy with not-bad live recordings to share with all our friends and mothers, but we would absolutely love to send our dear fans home from concerts with something tangible.  We’re still unsure as to whether this will involve one full-length album, or a few smaller EPs, but we’re excited to start the process and see where it takes us.

3. Share our music with more people.  We believe fiercely in the power of music to soften or quicken or lighten hearts.  Music is such a strong, beautiful gift, something to be given and received by everyone.  We also believe that each of our songs has a purpose in this world (Yes, even Dinosaur!), whether that be to expose injustice, to offer hope or to simply induce giggles.  Thus, we really want more people to hear it.

4. Travel.  Unfortunately, a full-out quit-our-jobs-and-buy-a-big-VW-van tour is not financially possible for us right now and may never be, but we do love a nice little road trip.  In December we had the pleasure of driving up to the cheese-headed heartland of Wisconsin for a wedding reception gig, complete with strange accommodations and very bad dancing (on our part, that is)… and we had a BLAST!  Chicago holds our hearts, but we also like stars, so you can count on our looking more regionally, if not internationally, for a few shows this year.

That’s our list as it stands right now.  But you may be wondering, What does this have to do with me??  Ah, you’re brilliant.  Thank you for asking.  Here’s what you can do:

A. Tell us where you want to see us play.  Whether in Chicago or in the Midwest generally, we want to know where you go to hear good live music.

B. Once we have an album, please buy it.  We can’t afford to make good recordings if we know there will be no return.  We’ll be sure to make it available at your favorite digital music sources, too, so have your Paypal account ready!  In the meantime, if you feel so inclined, you can help the recording process along by clicking on the Tip Top just over there (–>).  Every dollar helps!

C. Tell your friends about us.  And your children, and your parents, and your grandparents, and your priest, and your coworkers, students, teachers, acquaintances, random dudes on the street, etc.  We do not have a record label to promote us; we depend on you!

Thank you for letting us into your hearts and speakers in 2011.  And thank you in advance for continuing your support in 2012.  Whether it’s the end of time or not, it’s still just the beginning of Thornfield.

(And yes, I have been watching too much Doctor Who.)



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2 Responses
  1. Vesselina says:

    Does Richmond, VA count as the Midwest, at least for a day? 😉 please come east guys! I promise to rally up some troops… We’ll even drive to Charlottesville!

    • admin says:

      Vessie, we would come just for you! 🙂 We’d absolutely love to make a trip out east, so we’ll work on it and see what happens…